NIS, vol. 19, 2021/2022

Volume 19 2021/2022 – Special issue: Justice on the Island
Guest editors: Ruben Moi and Anthony Johnson


Legalistic Perspectives

  • Ruben Moi and Anthony Johnson: Introduction: ‘Justice on the Island’
  • Adam Hanna: “Contemporary Encounters with the Law: Kimberly Campanello’s MOTHERBABYHOME (2019) and Julie Morrissy’s Positions Gendered Male in Bunreacht na hÉireann / 1937 Constitution of Ireland (2020)”
  • Ciaran McDonough: “Medieval Irish Law as Alternative Justice in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Ireland”

Spatiotemporal Perspectives

  • Hedda Friberg-Harnesk: “‘Not justice exactly’: Utopian Hopes of Fair Solutions in the Wars and at Home in Sebastian Barry’s Days without End
  • Jason Finch: “Beckett in Bedsitland: Murphy and Urban Spatial Justice”
  • Deirdre Flynn: “Migrants in the City: Spatial Injustice and Inward Migration in Contemporary Irish Literature”

Carceral Perspectives

  • Ruben Moi: “Poetry, Prisons, and Voices from the Grave: Some Thoughts on Justice in Sinéad Morrissey’s The State of the Prisons and Current Memoirs of Murder in Northern Ireland
  • John Braidwood: “‘A young man is dead, a legend has been born’ – The Self-sacrifice of Bobby Sands: An Extreme Act of Redemptive Violence”
  • William Dwyer and Ruben Moi: “The Northern Irish Border Does Not Exist”

Poetic Perspectives

  • Charles I. Armstrong: “Germinal Ironies: Justice and the Poetry of Derek Mahon”
  • Charika Swanepoel: “To ‘sweeten Ireland’s wrong’: Contemporary Performance Poetry and Digital Activism in Ireland”

Posthuman Perspectives

  • Anne Karhio: “Canine Companions: Dogs, Justice, and Posthuman Voice in Contemporary Irish Poetry”